Interpreting and translation services

Tiina van Leeuwen – Seppänen, the owner of Finsetolk

Who am I

My name is Tiina van Leeuwen-Seppänen, the owner of Finsetolk. I was born in Finland, in Helsinki and have lived in the Netherlands for more than 30 years. I have been working as a freelance interpreter / translator Finnish since 1995. My mother tongue is Finnish and my working languages Dutch and English.

I studied both languages (main subject English and subsidiary subject Dutch) as well as commercial sciences and business economics at the University of Helsinki (Aalto University) and got my Master’s degree in 1987. After moving to the Netherlands, I continued my language studies at the University of Utrecht and specialized in translating and interpreting in the language pair English-Dutch. I was registered in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators in the Netherlands in 2013 in the language pair Finnish-Dutch. After a study of legal and police interpreting in the language pair Dutch-Finnish in Finland, I was admitted to the National Register of Legal Interpreters in Finland in 2020. Besides a sworn interpreter, I am also since 2016 a sworn translator in the language pair Finnish-Dutch.


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